Banestrike Creatures

With the introduction of the Rain of Fear expansion two new, special Alternate Abilities were added called Banestrike and Hastened Banestrike. Banestrike is an instant-damage ability that works on specific types of creatures. To unlock each creature type requires killing a certain number of those creatures (rather than spending AA points). The amount of damage is increased for every five levels of experience.

Oh the Humanity! - Humans (100)
There are a lot of places you can find humans to kill with no faction hits. The Gulf of Gunthak and connected zones has a lot of humans, gnomes, erudites, dark elves, trolls and ogres and will let you get these done quickly.

Barbarous - Barbarians (100)

Hardly Erudite of You - Erudites (100)

Drackity Drak - Drakkin (100)

Wood You Could? - Wood Elves (100)

Highly Uncivilized - High Elves (100)

Dark Elf Antonician - Dark Elves (100)

Now .49999% - Half Elves (100)

It Was Called Tunaria - Elddar Elves & Sand Elves (100)
Some of the North Ro LDoN missions have a lot of sand elves.

Axe Me No Questions - Dwarves (100)

Dainy It's Cold Outside - Coldain (100)

Fuzzyfeet - Halflings (100)
If you don't want to lose faction with Riverdale folk go kill these in the Plane of Mischief. You can also kill animated hands, sphinxes and ratmen there.

A Clockwork Gnome - Gnomes (100)

Here's Your Grozmok - Trolls (100)

Get Stupid - Ogres (100)

Icky! - Iksars (100)
You can find a lot of wandering iksars in the Kunark zones.

Why the Kylong Faces? - Kylong Iksars of Veksar (100)

Good Luck, Bad Guk - Guktans (100)

It's a Frog Eat Frog World - Frogloks & Tadpoles (100)

Rrrribit! - Frogs (100)

Moonkitty - Vah Shir (100)

Not a Kerran the World - Kerrans (50)
They can be found in the Stonebrunt Mountains and on the Kerran Island off the coast of Toxxulia Forest. They can also be found in the north part of the Barren Coast (and those have no faction hit, if you care).

Bat Country - Bats & Werebats (100)

Rat Killer - Rats (100)

Armadilloed and Dangerous - Armadilloes (50)
North Ro, just north of the desert area tends to have a lot of armadilloes.

It Stinks! - Skunks (5)
One easy place to find skunks is in Butcherblock Mountains.

Bunnyslayer - Rabbits (25)
The newbie area of Cresent Reach has a lot of bunnies.

You Dirty Ratman! - Ratmen (100)

Of Micelike Men - Bubonians (50)
One of the only places to find them is deep in the spider caves in the south part of the Plane of Disease.

Badger, Badger, Badger... - Burynai (100)
In the pit in the field of bone you will find a lot of Burynai and they spawn quickly. There are also scorpions and iksars there.

Beetlemania - Beetles, Insects, Lightcrawlers, Shik'nars, & Underbulks (100)

Leechy Keen - Leeches & Vacuum Worms (100)

Corathus! - Corathus Beasts (100)
Corathus Creep and connected zones have these.

Army Ants - Clicknar Soldiers, Workers and Queens (100)

Shoo Fly! - Flies, Malerians, Mosquitoes, Tsetsians & Wasps (100)
There are lots of wasps in Greater Faydark and Misty Thicket. Lots of other places to find "flies."

Get the Broom! - Scorpions & Spiders (100)

A Web of Lies - Drachnids (100)
You can find a lot of these in Fironia Vie, near the tunnels.

Fury of Soriz - Shissar (100)

Snake in the Grass - Snakes (100)

A Bone to Pick With You - Skeletons (100)

Stake Dinner - Vampires (100)

Hide Your Brains - Hags, Lepertoloths & Zombies (100)

Mummy Dearest - Mummies (50)

Ghoul on the Hill - Ghouls (50)
There are some ghouls in the Commonlands and more in South Ro in the "old South Ro" desert area. Not a lot of them here though.

Round of Applause - Animated Hands (25)
The easiest place to kill these may be the Plane of Mischief.

Ghosts of Frostfell Past - Banshees, Ghosts, Spectres, Spirits & Wisps
Wisps are plentiful in a number of zones and probably the easiest to hunt.

50 Shades... - Shades & Shadows (50)

Suit Up! - Animated and Enchanted Armors (50)
Lots of these in the Halls of Honor (Planes).

New Tricks - Chokidais, Drolvards, Hynids, Rotdogs, Scaled Wolves, Somic Wolves, Werewolves, Wolves & Worgs (100)

Got Your Tongue? - Cats, Lions, Pumas, Sabertooths, Scarlet Cheatahs, Tigers, Tpiary Lions & Wrulons (100)

Featherbrained Plan - Aviaks, Blood Ravens & Cockatrices (100)

Better Get a Barrel - Gorillas, Holgresh & Yetis (100)

Bear With Me - Bears, Kodiaks, Owlbears & Pandas (100)

The Elephant in the Room - Elephants & Mammoths (100)

Overthere in the Wastes - Brontotheriums & Rhinoceros (50)

These Boots Were Made For... - Alligators, Basilisks & Crocodiles (100)
Lots of caimen in South Ro near the ocean, or alligators outside Cresent Reach.

Guess You Didn't Like Turtles - Sea Turtles & Turpetas (100)
There are turpetas in Natimbi, and sea turtles in the Buried Sea.

What Has Science Done!? - Sokokars (50)

Have You Seen My Bucket? - Ulthorks & Walruses (50)
Eastern Wastes has a high concentration of these near the coast.

Seacow! - Manatees (25)

A Molkor? - Molkors (5)

Sealephant - Bulthars & Sea Elephants (50)

A Horse of Course - Drogmores & Horses (50)

Plenty of Fish In the Sea - Fishes, Piranahs, Seahorses, Sharks, Sordfishes & Wetfang Minnows (100)

Why So Crabby? - Crabs, Hraquis & Krakens (100)
The regrua in the Burried Sea also count - on the coast of the Redfeather Isle in that zone.

Orc Weapons, Your Blood Will Spill! - Orcs & Wereorcs (100)

New Frontiers - Goblins & Nightmare Goblins (100)

The More You Gnoll! - Gnolls (100)
(I probably killed Fippy Darkpaw more than 100 times already.)

World Warrens Three - Kobolds (100)

Alliz Tae Ew - Lizard Men (100)
Lots of these in the Feerrott and Rathe Mountains.

Sarnak Slayer - Sarnaks (100)

Don't Be Shellfish - Othmirs (100)
You can find these in Cobalt Scar on the beach. There is a faction hit, but you can restore that by killing Bulthors.

Innoruuk's Gift - Luggalds (100)
You can find lots of these in Gulf of Gunthak in the harbor area or in the large building north of that.

A Fallen Empire - Shiliskins (100)
Look for these in Corathus Creep and connected zones.

You Can Call Me Alaran - Alarans (100)
You can find these in Argath and connected zones.

Re-Extinction - Kedge (50)
Have a nice swim in Kedge. At least you can kill some fish too.

Aquatic Allure - Mermaids, Nymphs & Sirens (50)

I Said Argyle! - Gargoyles (100)

You're Not Scaring Anyone - Scarecrows & Totems (50)
The farm area in Dragonscale Hills has lots of scarecrows. For lower level scarecrows try the Miller farm in West Karanas.

Lumberer - Treants (100)

Mushroom Hunting - Sporalis (100)

Stop Dragon This Out - Dracoliches, Water Dragons & Witherans (100)

Quit Dragon Your Heels - Raptors, Wyverns and Wurms (100)

You Keep Dragon Me Into This - Drakes, Drixies & Fay Drakes (100)

A Small Giant Problem - Giants (100)

Fairicide - Dryads, Fairies & Pixies (100)

For The Hive! - Bixies (100)
Easiest place to kill lots of bixies is Stone Hive or In Blightfire Moors near Stone Hive. For lower level bixies there are soem in Misty Thicket.

Jumjummery - Brownies (100)
There are brownies in Steamfont Mountains and Lesser Faydark (if you don't mind the loss of Brownie faction). There are also lots of brownies in Dragonscale Hills (which also give some useful faction increases with the Ladies of Light).

Self Centaured - Centaurs (100)

You're So Fauny - Fauns & Satyr (100)

Amazing! - Minotaurs & Tizmak (100)
You can find minotaurs in the caves in Steamfont Mountains or in Dragonscale Hills.

No Vacancy - Griffons, Griffennes & Griffons (100)
Plenty of griffons can be found in Goru'Kar Mesa and Blackfeather Roost.

Half Man, Half Scorpion, Half Lion - Manticores (100)
There are manticores in Eastern Wastes (but is there a better spot?)

Puzzling - Sphinxes (10)
A great place to find these is the Plane of Mischief.

My Golden Boots - Djinns & Efreetis (100)

Imp-atient - Imps & Mephits (100)

Elementary - Elementals (100)

Spin Me Right Round - Dervishes (100)
There are a lot of these in Lavastorm Mountains.

The Call Me the Riftseeker - Gelidrans & Pyrilens (100)
The only place to find a lot of these is Riftseekers' Sanctum.

Terrorible Tentancles - Tentacle Terrors (50)

Denizens of Fear - Amygdalans (50)

Insatiable - Devourers (25)

You Look Lovely - Gorgons & Harpies (100)
There are lots of harpies in Blackfeather Roost.

Eye See What You Did There - Evil Eyes (100)

Goo-dness Gracious! - Goos (100)
There are goos in a cave in Goru'Kar Mesa, among other places.

Cubic - Gelatinous Cubes (50)

Gnome Tested, Steamwork Approved! - Clockwork: Beetles, Boars, Dragons, Snakes, Spiders, Gnomeworks, Rotocopters & Tin Soldiers (100)

Discord Sounds Out of Tune - All creatures of discord: Nekhons, Nocs, Ra'tuks, Taneths, Vitriks & Ukuns