Advanced Pet Discipline

Adds pet focus and spellhold commands.

The first rank of this ability allows you to give your pet a "focus" command. While focused, your pet will ignore all other opponents until its current opponent is defeated. The second rank allows you to tell your pet to not cast any spells. Usage: /pet focus, /pet spellhold, or hotkeys can be created using the pet control window.

The ability to keep your pet focused on a single target is a very important ability, and the first ranks of this ability is highly recommended. When fighting multiple enemies your pet will tend to fight them all somewhat equally, but when focused it will stay on just one until it is dead or you tell it to attack another. If you are casting damage spells on that targert you are much less likely to have that enemy attack you if your pet is focused on it.

15/pet focus67OoWPet Discipline 1
23/pet spellhold69OoW